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Zach Wade

“Justin Rose: As the head engineer at Robby Takac’s GCR audio recording studios, Rose has overseen a heavy load of Western New York recording projects, as well as working with artists from outside the area. His reputation among bands and artists who have worked with him is impeccable. We’re lucky to have an engineer of his talents working in our town.”

Jeff Miers – Music Critic – The Buffalo News

“I am proud of the fact that this room that we built 30 years ago, whose infrastructure is still sound, could be reborn to accept totally different acoustic requirements. It is now rebuilt to serve a new purpose that’s consistent with what artists and bands are doing in the 21st century.”

John Storyk – Architect – WSDG Designs

“GCR is both a high end facility and an incredibly comfortable place to work. The Engineers are experienced professionals and I’m always impressed with the finished product!”

Michael Lasaponara – Studio Drummer

“When people hear Buffalo, they think of harsh winters, the great lakes, wings & the Bills! When we think of Buffalo, we remember warm people, professional attitudes and the most enjoyable recording experience ever! GCR just makes it all happen”

Neil Eurelle – Vocals/Bass – Empire Circus

“My experience recording with GCR Audio is the yardstick by which all other recording experiences are measured and invariably fall short. The absolute artistry of Chief Engineer Justin Rose, the guidance of the legendary Robby Takac, the wisdom and creativity of engineer Jay Zubricky (professor of audio engineering at NCCC), and the most beautiful, state-of-the-art recording facilities have made my musical and artistic home exclusively at GCR Audio. It is an artistic think-tank comprised of the highest-order of craftsmen. 564 Franklin Avenue is a must for serious artists, affordable for all.
Create Art at GCR, or “record a product” elsewhere. It is that simple.”

Richie English (string arrangement and composition as part of English Rose Orchestrationsexclusively working out of GCR Audio)

We have recorded at GCR on two occasions in the past year, and we would not go anywhere else. The facility is amazing, very comfortable, our engineer was super talented, creative, and receptive to our ideas. If you want a top notch recording GCR is the place to go in WNY.”

Whiskey Reverb

“That guy is one of the absolute best in the business.
The band has work with a lot of top names,
and Justin is hands-down the most impressive of the bunch”

Dan Dwyer – Paper Scissor Rock Music

 “Recording at GCR Audio is always an amazing experience. The final product always completely surpasses my expectations. The professionalism of the staff is great and the selection of gear is even greater. I consistently recommend GCR as the go-to recording studio in Buffalo.”

Nicholas Bruckman – Guitar/Vocals – The B Side Dubs

“Recording at GCR Audio with my band was one of the best experiences I’ve had as a musician. We chose to record our EP and LP there because Justin Rose and the rest of the staff made us sound better than we ever had before, and we had a ton of fun while we did it. Jrose understood our music and adapted to it, which allowed him to capture our live energy in the studio.”

Luke Hammill – Bass –  AUTOPUNCH

“Simply, GCR stands for ‘great creative resource’. I have never experienced in all my years of recording, a studio that feeds the creative process like GCR.  It’s a pleasure to work in such a relaxed atmosphere with engineers that fuel the creative process.  The resources available include qualified pro tools engineers, classic amplifiers and basses, a 1911 Steinway and sons upright piano, electronic keyboards and high end acoustic and electric guitars, not to mention a beautiful, intuitive space, to work and play in.  GCR is also a great affordable resource.  Give them a call.  You’ll be surprised to find a studio that’s as invested in your music as you are.  Try the GCR studio experience and enjoy a truly great creative resource.  At GCR your songs will come alive, I know ours have.”

Frank Thompson – Vocals / Guitar –  Red Go Green.

“GCR has an incredible staff, facility, vision, hospitality, and the energetic town of Buffalo is there to inspire, uplift, and make you feel right at home. From the moment my foot crossed the threshold of GCR, I knew it was going to be one of the best (if not the finest) recording experiences of my life. I was greeted by an energetic staff who were ready to get going from the point of introduction, and I was given an ample choice of drum kits, and percussion equipment to choose from. The Studio’s own energy is that of positivity and white light; you can feel the life in the building, the energy seems to fill you up as you work, and GCR’s supporting staff again deserve credit for creating such a wonderful working environment.  As the hours, and days melted away, I could only feel sad to leave such a studio, a town, and the employees at GCR; for they were no longer the employee at the door who greeted us, they were new friends that I miss today.  Thank you Robby, Justin, Zach, Tony, Richie, and GCR.”
Allen Pryor – Drummer – Seven Years Past