Studio A has 32 simultaneous inputs, allowing several options straight off the floor. From full band tracking, to big bands, to chamber ensembles, to a single vocal or voiceover, Studio A has the means to provide an amazing recording experience.
Studio B allows eight simultaneous inputs and is an ideal overdub suite, perfect for vocals and instruments.


Studio A’s Pro Tools HD4 system allows for 40 simultaneous outputs which are normalled straight to the Solid State Logic 4040 G analog recording console. Full analog mixes are a reality with our world class collection of tube and solid state outboard gear. A common hybrid approach allows for use of both Pro Tools and analog summing through the SSL. “In the box” mixes are no challenge to our host computer holding 20Gigs of RAM. There is an enormous collection of cutting edge plug-ins at your disposal.
Studio B hosts a Pro Tools HD2 rig with a control 24 mixing console.


Mastering is the final creative process before a record is distributed.  During mastering, your songs come together as a record.  We add depth and width with our unique analog signal flow, and make the songs speak with fine equalization, compression and limiting.


GCR Audio consistently works with musicians specializing in almost any musical style. Our roster of professional studio musicians encompasses drummers, bassists, pianists, synth players, and guitarist, as well as players specializing in dobro, mandolin, banjo, orchestral percussion, horns, winds, strings, etc. GCR Audio guarantees clients access to a roster made up of players at the highest level of musicianship.  Our studio musicians are required to meet the highest standard of excellence, and are affordable to clients with budgets both large and small.


If you need an electronic backing track of any style, GCR keeps expert producers specializing in beat production on-hand, specializing in remixing, hip-hop, R&B, dance, dubstep, or any other electronic genre.


The GCR-family includes several veteran in-house producers. Clients have access to producers who have, collectively, been featured in countless write-ups in major national music magazines, and all have or continue to work with major international artists, from Grammy-nominees to platinum-sellers.


A team of seasoned industry professionals dedicated to creating cutting-edge musical arrangements out of GCR Audio.  Led by composer Richie English and producer/co-arranger Justin Rose, English Rose creates orchestrations for any type of instrumental ensemble for songs in any musical genre.  The scores are performed by world-class orchestral, session, and concert musicians, and are ready at a speed rivaling anything in the industry today.  Clients this year include The Goo Goo Dolls, Cardiacs, Nobuo Uematsu (Final Fantasy Series composer), The Reign of Kindo, Aqueous, and The Ruby Spirit.